Data Modeling

Team Assignment

Video Rental

Video Rental Create the initial E-R diagram for a video rental shop. Use (at least) the following description of operations, on which your business rules must be based.

The video rental shop classifies (movie) titles according to their type: Comedy, Western, Classical, Science Fiction, Cartoon, Action, Musical, and New Release. Each type contains many possible titles, and most titles within a type are available in multiple copies.

Keep the following conditions in mind as you design the video rental database:

  • The movie type classification is standard; not all types are necessarily in stock.
  • The movie list is updated as necessary; however, a movie on that list may not be ordered if the video shop owner decides that a movie is not desirable f or some reason.
  • The video rental shop does not necessarily order movies from all of the vendor list; some vendors on the vendor list are merely potential vendors from whom movies may be ordered in the future.
  • Movies classified as new releases are reclassified to an appropriate type after they have been in stock for more than thirty days. The video-shop manager wants to have an end-of- period (week, month, year) report for the number of rentals by type.
  • If a customer requests a title, the clerk must be able to find it quickly. When a customer selects one or more titles, an invoice is written. Each invoice may thus contain charges for one or more titles. All customers pay in cash.
  • When the customer checks out a title, a record is kept of the checkout date and time and the expected return date and time. Upon the return of rented titles, the clerk must be able to check quickly whether the return is late and to assess the appropriate late-return fee.
  • The video-store owner wants to be able to generate periodic revenue reports by title and by type. The owner also wants to be able to generate periodic inventory reports and to keep track of titles on order.